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Assessment Methods by Outcome

The following assessments of student learning are also available for each outcome area

  • Writing: Direct measure of student learning - portfolio assessment at all levels
    Indirect measure of student learning - Ferris student survey
  • Speech: Direct measure - in progress (some experimentation with video portfolios)
    Indirect measure - Ferris student survey
  • Reading: Indirect measure - Ferris student survey
  • Quantitative Skills: Direct measure - locally developed tests for students entering and exiting courses
  • Scientific Reasoning: Direct measure - experimentation with locally developed pre- and post-tests administered via WebCT
  • Social Awareness: Direct measures - experimentation with locally developed multiple-choice test for entering and exiting students / plan to pilot a new assessment method in 2003-04
  • Cultural Enrichment: Direct measures - experimentation with locally developed controlled essay questions
    Indirect measure - experimentation with survey to students entering and exiting Cultural Enrichment classes
  • Global Consciousness: Direct measure - experimentation with locally developed test
  • Race/Ethnicity/Gender: Measures - under development / some discussion of a pre- and post-test instrument - assessment instrument cannot be finalized and implemented until the appropriate courses are designated and the requirement itself is implemented