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Student Outcomes Criteria for Cultural Enrichment

Student Outcomes Criteria for Cultural Enrichment On the completion of the cultural enrichment requirement, students should

  • Have an increased ability to interpret cultural works as a part of a culture.
  • Be able to justify those interpretations with an understanding of the interpretive process.
  • Be able to look at works or historical events from different perspectives.
  • Be better able to make and justify valuing (aesthetic and ethical) distinctions.
  • Exhibit improved distinctions in perception, craft, and/or life choices.
  • Have increased knowledge of the techniques or methodology of a discipline in the humanities.
  • Have increased knowledge about some aspects of cultures.
  • Better understand themselves as part of cultures with rich historical perspectives.
  • Be able to gain increased self understanding through works of culture.
  • Have an increased inclination to engage in the humanities (whether reading a work of literature, attending a play, reading a biography, or listening to quality music) as a way of better understanding themselves and their world or enhancing the quality of their lives.