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Faculty Advisor Responsibilities

Advisors are responsible

  • To the students and individuals they serve
  • For involving others, when appropriate, in the advising process
  • To the college in which they work
  • To higher education generally
  • To the community in which the University is located
  • To their professional role as advisors and to themselves personally

Advisors should

  • Become well acquainted with each advisee's academic and educational needs
  • Actively obtain/maintain current information on each assigned advisee
  • Provide advisees with current academic information about procedures, policies and requirements for FSU degree programs
  • Assist advisees in developing course schedules and offer advice on student choices of general education courses and electives
  • Provide advisees with information concerning alternatives, limitations, and possible outcomes of academic choices
  • Direct advisees to available campus resources according to their individual needs
  • Encourage advisees to review their academic progress regularly searching for possible conflicts or omissions
  • Study, discuss, verify, and sign advisees' early registration form
  • Assist advisees in an effort to expedite the evaluation of their transfer credits, if necessary