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The galleries at Kendall, Ferris, and UICA are proud to announce the addition of UICA as a hosting venue to the rotation of the annual faculty exhibition.

Details about artist talks, receptions and connected events will be available as we get closer to the exhibit dates.

FSU Fine Art Gallery
Exhibition Schedule 2018-2019

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August 26th – September 28th, 2019
Reception: September 5th, 5-6:30pm
with Artist Interview at 5:30pm
Persistence of Vision: Ferris Journeys
Al Wildey - Photography

Ferris Journeys is an extension of the series Persistence of Vision, a suite of images comprised of digital photographs created as a series of progressive images referencing the façade of motion as in film or video--by a method of merging multiple photographic layers into a solitary image. Notwithstanding the product of a single, static picture, the resulting image implies movement through physical space over extended time as generally accepted photographically. The cumulative effect--implemented via an additive process--is produced by traveling in a circular path around the primary subject in an effort to surpass casual observation by injecting a sense of examination.

Subject matter is restricted to man-made objects with the aim of connecting the artificial construct of both functional and formal pieces with the configuration of ‘camera vision’ as typically perceived within the photographic image writ large.

Al Wildey

Al Wildey artist

October 2nd – Nov 2nd, 2019
Electric Dreams 3.0
Nemanja Rosic - Paintings

My paintings portray the micro-circuit: its physicality and, to me, an appealing pictorial strength. Similar to Peter Haley’s abstract experiments, James Sienna’s pattern-based paintings, or Piet Mondrian’s design-oriented work, I strive to turn these portraits into visually powerful macro-objects. In so doing, I seek to assign greater significance to a chip beyond just its functionality and use my artistic practice to marvel at the importance of science for the existence of contemporary society. On slim-profiled aluminum, similar to the factory printing process, I transfer the chosen chip design onto the acrylic glaze film exposing the sections and channels. The channels have a networked appearance, resembling the micro-wires of the chip circuitry. After these sections and channels have been colored, the work becomes a large painted image of the miniature conductors of the circuit. -Nemanja

Electric Dreams

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