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The galleries at Kendall, Ferris, and UICA are proud to announce the addition of UICA as a hosting venue to the rotation of the annual faculty exhibition.

Details about artist talks, receptions and connected events will be available as we get closer to the exhibit dates.

FSU Fine Art Gallery
Exhibition Schedule 2019-2020

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January 13th – February 15th, 2020

Reception & Artist Talk: January 16th 5-6:30pm
MFA Graduate Competition Exhibit – Emily Mayo
Chorbah - Chadash

"Pronounced “khor·bä' “ and  “khä·dash' ” these two words originate from the Hebrew writings of the Bible. Rarely seen together, “Chorbah” was used in reference to “a place laid waste, ruin, waste, desolation” and “Chadash” means “to be new, renew, repair.” Butting these two words together I suggest the transition between these two states, and reference the undeniable hope for this transition - not specific to the home or the plight-ridden neighborhood, but also to the human."

Chorbah - Chadash

February 20th – March 7th, 2020
MoSo Exhibit – NOT FIRM

Words hurt, and an image is worth a thousand.  This adage is perfectly demonstrated in the Museum of Sexist Objects (MoSO). If a picture is worth a thousand words this museum has an enormous voice and it is speaking volumes.  MoSO is leaven with images, objects, and words used systemically and historically to convey messages effectively and persuasively in shaping the way society has viewed, treated, and stereotyped women.

Mini-MoSO: How Far Have We Come is a traveling exhibition that has been curated and developed to bring the experience of MoSO to broader audiences. Topics include the perfect body, misogyny, feminism, gender roles and more.

For more information about the museum, booking the traveling exhibition, or to schedule a tour please visit our website at

MoSo Exhibit

March 16th – April 9th, 2020
2019 Art & Design Faculty Exhibit: The Bigger Picture
Opening Reception & Author Celebration – March 25th

Faculty do not merely influence and mentor students.  Through their creative work our faculty influence and mentor much larger audiences expressing meaningful thoughts and ideas through visual language.  The Bigger Picture features current work by art and design faculty from Kendall College of Art & Design and Ferris State University.  This annual exhibition highlights the outstanding creative practice of our faculty. 

The opening reception is in partnership with the annual Author Celebration Event hosted by Academic Affairs.  This event honors faculty, staff, and students who have published, presented, exhibited, or performed a scholarly or creative work in a professional setting throughout the academic year.


April 16th - May 9th, 2020
Andy Warhol
Silver Clouds

Every cloud has a silver lining — and at FSU Art Gallery the clouds ARE the silver lining. Andy Warhol’s Silver Clouds is a floating collection of helium-filled mylar sacks. These shiny, buoyant pillows, about half the size of a person, are intimately playful and beg you to join them in finding a moment of joy.

Silver Clouds

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