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Steven Fox

Assistant Professor of Journalism and English/Torch Advisor

by Kayla Konway - May 30, 2013

Steve Fox

Steven Fox is an educator, advisor and professional journalist who considers one of his greatest accomplishments to be providing opportunities for young writers.

“Like just about any employee, Ferris ultimately chose me. I was transitioning from a career in newspapers, completing my graduate work and looking for opportunities to become a full-time professor,” he said. “The ideal opportunity opened up here at Ferris, and I'm glad it worked out.”

Fox joined Ferris in 2008 after working as a professional journalist for 15 years in Michigan and Oregon. He is the university’s sole Journalism teacher and also teaches English courses within the College of Arts, Sciences and Education. In addition, he serves as adviser to the Torch, Ferris’ award-winning student newspaper.

As adviser, Fox encourages the editorial staff to be diligent, pursue stories and inform readers.

“They are learning that more than anything else they need to serve their readers – primarily other students,” he said. “That's tough to keep in mind at times and can be difficult to do. However, when they are successful, and I think they often do a great job, the results are powerful.”

When he’s not teaching students at Ferris, Fox shuttles his two children to soccer and baseball games and takes them horseback riding.

“It’s great to watch them grow up and be lucky enough to support and encourage them all I can,” he said.

“I also really enjoy backpacking, have done more and more kayaking with my wife the last few years, and have an infatuation with prairie modern architecture produced by the likes of Frank Lloyd Wright.”

Fox, who earned a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Central Michigan University and a master’s in Communication from Grand Valley State University, is a board member for the Michigan Collegiate Press Association.

Fox created of Ferris High School Journalism Day in 2011 to introduce high school students to various aspects of journalism. He enjoys advising up-and-coming journalists how to report thoroughly and write fast.

“Those two things will always be in demand: As a society, we want to know good information right now. That is very hard to do, but those who can are extremely successful.”


Kayla Konway was a News Services student writer in University Advancement and Marketing.

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