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Board of Trustees Responds to Vote of No Confidence (Sept. 28, 2018)

As chair of the Ferris State University Board of Trustees, I wish to release this statement on behalf of our members. The Board of Trustees affirms its strong and unequivocal support of President David L. Eisler. Ferris State University has flourished under his leadership, both on the Big Rapids and Grand Rapids campuses, in addition to our partnerships across the state. Dr. Eisler is a leader among university presidents in Michigan and is highly respected both regionally and nationally.

The vote of no confidence taken by the Ferris Faculty Association this week was a tactic used to pressure the University during contract negotiations. Doing so during a time when the University is working tirelessly to recruit and enroll students to this great institution is deeply disappointing; it undermines the recruitment efforts of many and tarnishes the University’s reputation.

As a Board, we commend President Eisler for representing the University with great integrity, and we remain fully confident in his ability to lead this institution both now and in the future.

With contract negotiations scheduled to resume next week, it is imperative that both sides come to the table ready and willing to do what is best for the entire University community. We urge negotiation teams from both sides to remain at the bargaining table until a tentative agreement is reached so faculty can receive the salaries and benefits of the next contract without further delay.

Paul E. Boyer, Chair