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University and FFA Contract Negotiations Update (Aug. 30, 2018)

As of Wednesday, Aug. 29, the major economic points of the proposals include:

FFA Proposal

  • Three-year contract
  • 2.75% salary increase each year
  • $300,000 Supplemental Market Adjustment each year, which is approximately an additional .75% salary increase per year
  • Increase in health care contributions to reach the hard cap maximum with retroactive payments for all of 2018 for those eligible
  • Additional 3% increase per year for ancillary medical benefits (dental, vision, etc.)
  • Increase in overload pay from $85 to $95
  • Change in the benefit plan year to Jan. 1 in lieu of July 1

University Proposal

  • Five-year contract
  • 2.25% salary increase each year for the first three years, followed by a 2.50% salary increase for years four and five
  • No Supplemental Market Adjustment (ended when the contract expired June 30, 2018)
  • Increase the University’s contributions to health care to the state’s hard cap maximum
  • Increase ancillary medical benefits by 3% each year
  • Increase overload pay in year four of the contract to $90 and in year five to $95
  • Change the benefit plan year to January 1.

Compensation and the duration of the contract continue to be the main sticking points. No further mediation sessions have been scheduled.

The University filed a petition for a fact-finding on Friday, Aug. 24. Once docketed, a fact-finder will be appointed to conduct a hearing. The purpose of the hearing is to permit the parties to present facts in support of their position. Ultimately, the fact-finder will issue a report with written recommendations for settlement. The fact-finder’s report is not binding and the parties may accept his or her recommendation in whole or in part. It is expected that the parties would return to negotiations or mediation after fact-finding to resolve the outstanding issues.

The University remains committed to providing a fair, equitable and competitive contract with our faculty.

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