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Student Joins Fellow Political Activists in Travel to Presidential Inauguration Ceremony

Ferris State UniversityA member of the College Republicans, on the Ferris State University campus, will attend the inauguration ceremony in Washington D.C. Friday, Jan. 20, and see Donald Trump sworn in as the 45th president of the United States.

Andrew Kapanowski is on the executive board of the university’s registered student organization, and departed Big Rapids on Wednesday, Jan. 18, to join peers in the Michigan Federation of College Republicans.

“I am also on the executive board of that organization, which encompasses all the College Republicans’ campus groups across the state,” Kapanowski said. “I’ll be with friends from Michigan State and Grand Valley, whom I have met through events in the past.”

Kapanowski said his tickets came together only recently, after a board member in the federation requested access from an associate, who was part of the Inaugural Committee. The pursuit of these passes began more than a month ago, and Kapanowski was surprised and excited by the sudden developments this week.

“We’re lucky that our tickets came through at this point,” Kapanowski said. “We will pick them up once we get together, in Washington, D.C., and they will give the four of us access to the inaugural ceremony and the parade. I intend to be there, early, to get a good look at everything going on.”

Kapanowski, a senior in Business Administration from Dexter, Mich., said he has always had a keen interest in U.S. history and politics, and closely followed the first election in which he had the right to vote.

“I’ve been involved, as I attended a Trump campaign event in Novi, Mich., in September,” Kapanowski said. “When I got there, I accepted an opportunity to do some phone bank volunteering for the event, and Donald Trump came back to our work area before making his speech. When he was across the table from me, I got him to sign a poster I had. Then, I gave Mr. Trump my card, and told him I would be happy to play the piano at the White House for him. I haven’t heard back from his people yet.”

Kapanowski followed up on that suggestion by submitting a demo recording of his skills at the keyboard, but received word that the roster of performers during inauguration celebrations had been secured. Andrew said he has made other visits to Washington D.C., but considers this a most special occasion.

“I really want to be a witness to what goes on, as Mr. Trump will be just the 44th man inaugurated as president in the history of our country,” Kapanowski said. “I expect there will be some protests, but there will also be a lot of people there who worked hard to make this happen. I don’t expect I will get a chance like this again.”

PHOTO CAPTION: Andrew Kapanowski, a senior in Business Administration at Ferris State University will attend the inauguration ceremony and parade celebrating the presidency of Donald Trump Friday, Jan. 20 in Washington, D.C. Kapanowski is attending as a member of the executive board for the Michigan Federation of College Republicans.