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President Highlights Innovation, University Growth and Outreach in Founders' Day Remarks

Ferris State University President David Eisler told a Founders’ Day audience, on Thursday, Sept. 3, that the legacies of Woodbridge Ferris and Helen Gillespie Ferris continue to be honored in part through innovative program offerings at the university.

Eisler’s presentation at the University Center in Big Rapids, Mich. touched on 20 degree programs that have been created or revised in the last five years, as faculty and administrators collaborate on these developments with the goal of enhancing the educational experience of Ferris students. Eisler referenced the methods used in the early years of Ferris’ existence to bring on programs like Pharmacy, and said that academic program innovation remains important to the university’s growth and mission.

“This is Mr. Ferris, alive in the work we do today,” Eisler said.

The first Founders’ Day remarks held in the University Center also considered the historical growth and change in Ferris’ campus. West Campus Apartments are due for expansion, but Eisler said that student recruitment and retention will benefit from a future vision for Housing that is in its initial stages. He hopes to see on-campus residential offerings that are attractive to second-, third- and fourth-year students.

“We need other options for our students,” Eisler said. “To move from a place where students have to live on campus, to a place where students want to stay on campus.”

The president also pointed to the university’s importance in the region as an educational resource and jobs provider, adding his desire that more can be done to support the next generation of entrepreneurs in West Michigan.

Additionally, Eisler said the work of the Center for [email protected] Studies is important to Ferris’ ability to respond to the needs of the state, and its residents.

“There’s more we can do to help the fastest growing demographic in our state,” Eisler said.

PHOTO CAPTION: Pictured is David Eisler, President of Ferris State University