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Student Research Fellowships Announced for Summer 2015 Semester

Ferris State UniversityFerris State University’s 2015 Student Research Fellowship program supports collaborative research projects between faculty and students.

The program’s goal is to increase on-campus summer research, contribute to the professional development of faculty and to give students research experience. Student fellows will work full time on a research project with a faculty mentor during a 10-week period this summer. Research results will be shared with the university community during a symposium on Wednesday, Aug. 26 at 2 p.m. in Science Building, Room 126.

The Faculty Research Committee carefully considered fellowship applications. The fellowships have been made possible due in part to the support of the deans of the involved colleges: Rick Kurtz, Arts, Sciences and Education; Matthew Adeyanju, Health Professions; David Damari, Optometry; and Stephen Durst, Pharmacy.

Below is a list of the 2015 Summer Research Fellowship recipients:

  • Faculty mentor: Daniel Adsmond, Arts, Sciences and Education, Physical Sciences. Project: Finding the sweet spot for ternary co-crystal formation. Student Research Fellow: Jeffrey Reardon, Chemistry major.
  • Faculty mentor: Tracey Boncher, Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Sciences. Project: Solid phase synthesis of anti-depressive PPAR receptor agonists. Student Research Fellow: Mason Moody, Pharmacy major.
  • Faculty mentor: Christopher DeFraia, Arts, Sciences and Education, Biological Sciences. Project: Identification of drought tolerance genes in the model plant Arabidopsis Thaliana. Student Research Fellow: Amanda Kruse, Pre-Optometry major.
  • Faculty mentor: Amy Dinardo, Optometry. Project: Analyzing the neutralization of hydrogen peroxide contact lens care systems across various environments. Student Research Fellow: Hayden Larson, Optometry major.
  • Faculty mentor: Rachel Foulk, Arts, Sciences and Education, Humanities. Project: “Love, Beauty and Sexuality: Women in the Guise of Venus on Ancient Roman Sarcophagi.” Student Research Fellow: Kacie Krogman, Social Studies Education; Minor in Art History and English Teaching
  • Faculty mentor: Kim Hancock, Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Sciences. Project: Comparative Dissolution of Antipsychotics Drugs using Bio-relevant Dissolution Methods. Student Research Fellow: Janelle Dykstra, Pharmacy major.
  • Faculty mentor: Emmanuel Jadhav, Health Professions, Public Health. Project: Study of students perception-expectation towards immunization. Student Research Fellow: Danielle Winkler, Public Health major.
  • Faculty mentor: Eric Nybo, Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Sciences. Project: Synthesis of valerenadience anxiolytic drugs in an engineered microbial host. Student Research Fellow: Jacqueline Saunders, Pharmacy major.
  • Faculty mentor: Erin Militzer, Arts, Sciences and Education, Mathematics. Project: “Cops and Robbers” on graphs. Student Research Fellow: Eleanor Ohm, Business major; Mathematics minor
  • Faculty mentor: Anne Spain, Arts, Sciences and Education, Biological Sciences. Project: Motility and unique surface growth patterns of paenibacillus strains A1 and A3. Student Research Fellow: Sarah Mathie, Biology major.
  • Faculty mentor: M. Beth Zimmer, Arts, Sciences and Education, Biological Sciences. Project: Changes in the hippocampal neurochemistry after spinal cord injury. Student Research Fellow: Rachel Kempisty, Biology major; Pre-Med; Psychology minor.
  • Faculty mentor: Changqi Zhu, Arts, Sciences and Education, Biological Sciences. Project: Functional study of drosophilaactivin signaling in aging regulation in fruit flies. Student Research Fellow: Shaughna Langerak.