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University Announces Summer 2015 Enrollment Increase from Previous Summer

Ferris State UniversityFerris State University announced a summer enrollment total of 5,978. That represents an increase of 354 students from Summer 2014’s 5,624 total.

Enrollment statistics were tabulated on Friday, May 22 at the end of the first week of Summer 2015 semester classes. On the Big Rapids campus, Ferris has 3,836 students enrolled while statewide locations have 1,183 students enrolled. Kendall College of Art and Design’s enrollment stands at 308 students.

Student credit hours are up this semester, by 2,203, to a total of 35,947. Students are enrolled to take more credits in Big Rapids, at statewide locations and online. The number of online student credit hours taken has increased by 1,536 to 11,947. Student credit hours taken for the College of Arts, Sciences and Education and the College of Business are up by 1,039 and 1,165, respectively.

Other enrollment highlights include an increase of 97 international students from the previous summer semester. This term, Ferris has 309 international students taking courses. The number of African American students is up by 42, to 389, while the number of Hispanic students is up by 31. The white student population increased by 137 to 4,497.

Of this summer’s total enrollment of 5,978, the gender split is 3,307 female students to 2,671 male students. In Big Rapids, 1,929 female students to 1,907 male students are enrolled.

Several of Ferris’ academic colleges have increased enrollment totals this summer. Arts, Sciences and Education is up 124 students, Business 111, Education and Human Services 88, and Health Professions 46.

Ferris’ Fall 2015 enrollment total was 14,600 students. In the spring, following fall semester commencement, enrollment stood at 14,146.

The Summer 2015 numbers are in comparison to the Summer 2014 totals.