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Cruz Named as Executive Director of Center for [email protected] Studies

Jessica CruzJessica Cruz has been officially named executive director of Ferris State University’s Center for [email protected] Studies and she is already hard at work.

Cruz, who co-founded the Center for [email protected] Studies in 2012, previously served as the associate director of the Center for [email protected] Studies. As executive director, Cruz has a larger role in the decision-making process for the office and plans to do more long-term strategic planning. She will assemble a team under her to provide help and support students.

“The heart of our work is connecting with the community,” said Cruz, who started the Center for [email protected] Studies with Social Sciences faculty member Tony Baker, the founding executive director. “We work with students from all education levels – not just those in college – to educate them, connect them with the community and prepare them for higher education.”

The mission of the Center for [email protected] Studies is to support students in getting to and through college by building on the strengths of students’ culture and identity. As the new executive director, a primary focus for Cruz is the expansion of the Promesa programs across various levels of the educational pipeline. Among her other goals, she plans to increase collaboration with the Spanish Club and the Hispanic Student Organization, prepare for Spanish Heritage Month, and continue to make stronger connections with the community.

“In the Center for [email protected] Studies, we find out what it is that makes our students who they are, and then we celebrate it,” said Cruz, who earned a Doctor of Education degree from Columbia University Teachers College in May 2013.