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Ferris Extends Woodbridge Promise Summer Success Program to Detroit

DETROIT – Ferris State University announced the expansion of its Woodbridge Promise Summer Success Program. The Summer Success Program is in its third year of existence, and has been serving students in West Michigan since 2013. This summer, the college-success program is also being offered to students in Detroit.

By working with the FSU Charter Schools Office, Consortium College Prep High School and the Michigan Collegiate Academy, Ferris has expanded its program to the state’s east side. Previously, Ferris had offered the program to students in the Grand Rapids, Hart and Holland areas through partnerships with local secondary schools, community organizations and Ferris’ Center for [email protected] Studies.

“The Charter Schools Office is pleased to participate in the Woodbridge Promise Program,” said Ronald Rizzo, director of FSU Charter Schools. “This initiative allows us to realize our mission by ensuring that FSU-authorized academies are preparing students for success in college, career, and life. We are hoping to expand the program this academic year.”

The Woodbridge Promise Summer Success Program was created to allow high school students to gain college credits and skills in mathematics and reading before the postsecondary level. Students can improve their ACT scores by enhancing their knowledge of core subjects, while gaining college-ready awareness by learning about study techniques, time management and student success skills.

“The programs are offered through the Center for College Readiness in collaboration with the Math Department and Developmental Curriculum Department and in partnership with the Ferris Center for [email protected] Studies and the Ferris Charter Schools Office,” said Deedee Stakley, director of the Transfer Services Center.

Students in the program can earn up to nine credit hours during the eight-week period. Classes are held from 8 a.m. to noon Monday through Thursday. Enrollment has increased significantly over previous years with 58 students currently enrolled in four cohorts, compared to 16 students enrolled in the inaugural cohort in 2013.

The program is sponsored by the Division of Academic Affairs, Retention and Student Success and the Center for College Readiness.