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Summer Internship Journal: Chloe Tooson, Week 3

Monday, June 2, 2014

By Chloe Tooson

Coming back to work, after Memorial Day, is always hard, but for Chene Park, it's simply not "just the week after Memorial Day." Here, this week is known as "The week that starts the summer season." Last week, was a week of preparation all leading up to the Wheel of Fortune event that we had at the very end of the week.

Before concerts even begin there is equipment that has to be moved into the theatre for lighting and sound. At Chene Park, that all happened on Wednesday. It was an all-day process and the stage hands didn't get done until 6 p.m. Back in the office, I was preparing talking points that would be said before each Wheel of Fortune show on Friday and Saturday.

Wheel of Fortune: Wheelmobile is the first step to making it on the actual show. Each round there would be five contestants solving a puzzle. The host, Marty, would give each contestant three seconds to call out a letter and did so till the puzzle was solved. Each show consisted of around ten rounds and they did six shows between the two days. The main task that I am at Chene Park for is social media so my job was to take pictures and videos and post them to our Instagram and Facebook.

As the week came to a close we switched gears and had three graduations on Sunday and will continue to have them until next weekend.?