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A Letter to Students from the Dean of Student Life, Leroy Wright

Dear Ferris State University students,

Leroy Wright, dean of Student Life

If you are just starting your college career, returning for your last semester, or somewhere in between, the faculty and staff at Ferris can help you succeed academically, enhance your leadership skills, prepare for a rewarding career, learn how to manage your finances, learn how to sustain a healthy lifestyle and much more. However, you will need to be fully engaged and accountable in creating your own success. We want to be a part of your support system, we want to help you develop the needed action steps, and we want to assist you in maintaining a positive attitude and outlook during your college career.        

We recognize that all of you come from a variety of places and situations and we consider it of prime importance that you are being inclusive, respectful and actively involved in your education and community. We want to weave a network of support to help you assume greater responsibility for your daily decisions as you continue to mature and develop while attending Ferris.

Working together with your family, mentors and other important people in your life will help us educate and nurture you to be a good citizen, a dynamic student leader, and a marketable professional.  It is important that you add my suggestions to your “toolbox” since it will assist you as you progress to graduation. You see, as dean of Student Life, I believe firmly that you can have fun while becoming the best you can be while making the world a better place. 

Listed below are a few of my general suggestions to get you off to a great start.

First Year Students

  • Create an action plan to be an “A” student, by using Ferris’ many academic support services
  • Become familiar with and strive to be financially responsible because your college career is an investment in your future
  • Get connected with the campus and the local communities as this is “Your Home Away From Home”
  • Start your co-curricular transcript (highlights examples of your involvement and awards) which will complement your academic transcript

Second Year Students         

  • Balance study time and social time
  • Get more involved on campus by pursuing opportunities to help you develop your leadership skills
  • Apply for scholarships, grants, jobs on campus or other opportunities to aid in paying for college
  • Research possible career paths and explore possible paid and unpaid internships

Third Year Students

  • Begin putting your resume together and practicing your interview skills
  • Stay on track with your degree requirements and gain solid student leadership experiences
  • Serve in a leadership position in a Registered Student Organization (RSO)

Fourth or Fifth Year Students

  • Develop a polished resume, a professional appearance and attend Career Week events
  • Explore the idea of attending graduate school and taking graduate school entrance exams
  • Work with the Office of Career Services to land your first career opportunity
  • Look forward to graduation and making plans to transition from college to professional life

We welcome and encourage your involvement and collaboration throughout the year.  Our founder, Woodridge N. Ferris once said that "Education is life. It involves growth, development, and training."  Our University will continue to be great when you do great things!  Go Bulldogs!