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Elite Scholarships and Awards

Competitive State, National, and University Scholarships

  •  Scholarships and Awards in Michigan

    State-level scholarships and awards are prestigious awards given to students in the State of Michigan by state-wide organizations.

    Michigan Campus Compact: Outstanding Community Impact Award

    The Outstanding Community Impact Award honors up to five undergraduate and one graduate student in Michigan who have made service an integral part of their college experience by their significant contribution to community resources. The recipient’s efforts build partnerships between their campuses and communities to demonstrate personal reflection and a commitment to lifelong engagement. Winners will receive $200 to donate to the organization of their choice.

    • Wayne Bersano, 2016
    • Nichole Wheelock, 2008

    Michigan Campus Compact: Outstanding Commitment to Service

    The Commitment to Service Award recognizes two outstanding students from each of the Michigan Campus Compact member campuses for their commitment to service. Students are chosen specifically for either the breadth or depth of their community involvement or their service experience(s) and the demonstration of meaningful reflection of those experiences. Nominations for the Commitment to Service Award must come from the President/Chancellor’s office or their designees.

    • Josh Olszewski, 2017
    • Katie Nimtz, 2017
    • Logan England, 2015
    • Emily Pietrowicz, 2014
    • Allegra Babiarz, 2014
    • Janie White, 2011
    • Erica Rogerson, 2008

    Michigan Campus Compact: Community Volunteer Award

    • Aaron Zebolsky, 2016

    Michigan Campus Compact: Heart and Soul Award 

    The Heart and Soul Award is given to students to recognize their time, effort and personal commitment to their communities through service.

    • Logan Anderson, 2017
    • Claudia Miller, 2017
    • Cassandra Kolka, 2016
    • Zack Kramer, 2016
    • Shaylin McCann, 2016
    • Katelyn Michalski, 2016
    • Andrea Crapsey, 2016
    • Hannah Lamberg, 2016
    • Nicole Outman, 2016
    • Meri Dzielinski, 2016
    • Amanda Gilliam, 2016
    • Zoe Horn, 2016
    • Gabrielle Kelly, 2016
    • Morgan Payne, 2016
    • Wayne Bersano, 2015
    • Logan Bixman, 2015
    • Michelle Dunn, 2015
    • Emily Evans, 2015
    • Iva Haven, 2015
    • Tiffany Schack, 2015
    • Aaron Zebolsky, 2015
    • Nicole Christy, 2013
    • Amber Cumings, 2013
    • Shannon Fick, 2013
    • Delaney Kent, 2013
    • Shaughna Langerak, 2013
    • Jessica Monitiz, 2013
    • Khrystyne Noeldner, 2013
    • Allison Schiefer, 2013
    • Kristen Thorhauer, 2013
    • Colby Wittman, 2013

    State of Michigan Board of Education: Breaking Traditions

    Awarded annually to 32 students statewide for overcoming obstacles and stereotypes to achieve success in career and technical education.

    Merit Award

    • Kaylie Bohn 2016
  •  Nationally Competitive Scholarships and Awards

    Nationally-competitive scholarships are highly prestigious awards to encourage undergraduate research, cross-cultural communication or continuing education.  These awards are highly competitive, so if you are interested in competing for one or more of these scholarships, please get in touch with the Honors Program staff early in your college career.

    Newman Civic Fellows

    The Newman Civic Fellows Award honors inspiring college student leaders who have demonstrated an investment in finding solutions for challenges facing communities throughout the country. Through service, research, and advocacy, Newman Civic Fellows are making the most of their college experiences to better understand themselves, the root causes of social issues, and effective mechanisms for creating lasting change. These students represent the next generation of public problem solvers and civic leaders. They serve as national examples of the role that higher education can—and does—play in building a better world. The Newman Civic Fellows Awards are made possible through the generous support of the KPMG Foundation and Newman’s Own Foundation.

    • Katelyn Michalski 2016

    American Rhodes Scholarship

    The American Rhodes Scholarship brings American students to study at the University of Oxford.  The experience of a Rhodes’ scholarship is what initially inspired Frank Aydelotte to create Honors programs in America.

    Barry Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Program

    Barry Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Program provides a continuing source of highly qualified scientists, mathematicians, and engineers by awarding scholarships to college students who intend to pursue careers in these fields. 

    Bread Loaf Writer's Conference

    Bread Loaf Writers' Conference, founded in 1926 an boasting a rich literary and intellectural tradition, gathers together emerging writers to work closely with a fiverse and talented faculty.

    • Christine Junker ('00)

    Fulbright U.S. Student Program

    The Fulbright U.S. Student Program offers opportunities for recent graduates to conduct career-launching study and research abroad.

    • Danielle Voorheis ('13) started Ferris in Honors

    The Harry S. Truman Scholarship

    The Truman Scholarship Foundation recognizes juniors with leadership potential committed to careers in government, non-profit/advocacy sectors, education, or in public service. 

    Jack Kent Cooke 

    The mission of the JKC Foundation is to help young people of exceptional promise reach their full potential through education.  Financial need is a factor.

    James Madison Memorial Fellowship

    Junior Fellowships are awarded to students who are about to complete their undergraduate course of study and plan to begin graduate work.

    Marshall Scholarships

    Marshall Scholarships finance young Americans of high ability to study for a degree in the U.K. 

    The Morris K. And Steward L. Udall Fellowship

    Applicants must be college sophomores and juniors who have demonstrated outstanding potential and a commitment to pursuing careers related to the environment.

    • Bret Muter ('06)

    William Jefferson Clinton Scholarship at the American University in Dubai

    Seeks to further the goals of the Clinton Presidential Foundation to strengthen the capacity of people in the United States and throughout the world to meet the challenges of global interdependence. In partnership with the American University in Dubai, the program will provide American students based in the US the opportunity to expand their educational and cultural horizons by studying in the Arab world.

    • Erin Martin ('15) was a Clinton Fellow in 2014
    • Melanie Lobsinger ('16) was a Clinton Fellow in 2014
  •  Scholarships and Awards at Ferris

    The following are scholarships awarded at Ferris State University on a competitive basis.

    Stanley J. Dean

    The Stanley J. Dean Memorial Endowed Scholarship was established in 1994 by his family, friends and colleagues to give recognition to students who demonstrate outstanding leadership ability. In his 21 years at Ferris State University, Mr. Dean served in the positions of assistant to the president, administrative aide to the Board of Control, vice president for institutional relations and as a teacher of journalism and public relations. He encouraged students to get involved in campus and community affairs and become thoughtful leaders able to communicate with others. This Memorial Endowed Scholarship shall recognize students who have demonstrated such leadership ability and shall encourage participation in campus and community activities as a meaningful part of the whole educational process.

    • William Meengs, 2013
    • Courtney Mather, 2011
    • Jill Allen, 2011
    • Kari Alsager, 2009
    • Joshua Kroll, 2008
    • Nichole Wheelock, 2007
    • Abby Lund, 2005
    • Cindy Horn, 2000
    • Miguel Dobre, 2000

    John R. Smith

    The John R. Smith Memorial Endowed Scholarship is for students who have either sophomore or junior standing at Ferris State University with a GPA of 3.5 or higher. Selection of recipients is based on a student's demonstrated leadership role on the Ferris State University campus in such activities as student government, campus publications, officially recognized clubs and organizations, student professional societies and volunteer activities in combination with the degree of academic achievement. 

    Dr. William Sederburg Student Government 

    The Dr. William Sederburg Student Government Endowed Scholarship goes to a student who demonstrates commitment to leadership while a Student Government member. Applicant must be a full-time Ferris State University student. 

    Edwin Harris

    The Edwin Harris Memorial Honor's Program Endowed Scholarship recognizes academic excellence, appreciation for and utilization of technology in the learning process and potential for success in the student’s chosen field. Applicants for this scholarship must be in the Ferris Honors Program of Ferris State University. 

    • Reilly Bowen, 2017
    • Janalyce Fletcher, 2016
    • Mary Stoll, 2015
    • Shaelyn Domansky, 2014
    • Megan Brockett, 2013
    • Amber Cumings, 2012
    • Peter Diep, 2011
    • Kacie Zuck, 2010

    Maude Bigford Honors Program Annual Scholarship 

    Applicants for this scholarship must be in the Ferris Honors Program of the University College at Ferris State University. Applicants shall be full-time undergraduate students of sophomore, junior or senior standing majoring in any program at Ferris State University. Recipient shall have a minimum 3.25 GPA at time of application. Special consideration shall be given for students who have demonstrated leadership and service to the community or the University. Preference shall be given to eligible students who demonstrate financial need determined by the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid.

    • Caitlyn Toering, 2017
    • Alexandra Hatfield, 2016
    • Jamie Seppanen, 2016
    • Felicia Doolin, 2015
    • Nicole Outman, 2015
    • Aubry Hire, 2014
    • Anthony McArthur, 2014

    Torchbearer Awards

    The Torchbearer Awards are for graduating seniors who have displayed outstanding leadership skills on campus and in the Big Rapids Community. 

    • Leesa Deadwyler, 2017
    • Josh Olszewski, 2017
    • Tori VanOeffelen, 2017
    • Andrew Klarecki, 2017
    • Katelyn Michalski, 2017
    • Justin Wolber, 2017
    • Tiffany Newman, 2016
    • Tiffany Schack, 2016
    • Logan Bixman, 2016
    • Danielle Berens, 2016
    • Sara Kolc, 2016
    • Katherine Hart, 2016
    • Steven Balkema, 2014
    • Kelsey Beson, 2014
    • Todd Kevin Bunce, 2014
    • Katherine Rachon, 2014
    • Melissa Hanson, 2013
    • Megan Kuk, 2013
    • Katie Milbourne, 2013
    • Courtney Parks, 2013
    • Kari Alsager, 2009
    • Elizabeth Kelly, 2009
    • Deirdre Kolle, 2009
    • Shanyn Leonard, 20

    Rising Star Award

    The Rising Star Award is presented to emerging student leaders who have a least two years remaining in their career at Ferris. This award is intended for students who have already accomplished a great deal through leadership and involvement and who potential to achieve is even more evident.

    • Andrew Kapanowski, 2017
    • Kathryn Pilczuk, 2017
    • Samantha Gerken, 2017
    • Arianna Lozano, 2017
    • Tea Caragao, 2017
    • Cassandra Kolka, 2016
    • Jordan Dawkins, 2016
    • Abbie-Jo Johnson, 2016
    • Ben Letherer, 2016
    • K. Lee Barnes, 2014
    • Logan Bixman, 2014
    • Megan Brockett, 2014
    • Tiffany Newman, 2014
    • Mabel Acosta, 2013
    • Paige Bukowski, 2013
    • Nicole Christy, 2013
    • Samantha Watson, 2013

    Student Government Scholastic Leadership Scholarship 

    Students wishing to be considered for this scholarship must be current, full-time undergraduate students in good academic standing at Ferris State University. The recipient must have a minimum 3.0 GPA at the time of application. The recipient must have demonstrated student leadership skills. 

    Leading Shadows OMSS Leadership Scholarship 

    This Leading Shadows OMSS Leadership Scholarship is awarded to full-time sophomore, junior, or senior level undergraduates within any major. The recipient shall have a minimum 2.5 GPA at the time of the application. Preference shall be given to eligible students who demonstrate leadership through support of the Office of Multicultural Student Services programs and cultural awareness activities. Preference shall be given to eligible students who participate in the Teaching Others What Establishes Real Success (TOWERS) leadership development program sponsored by the Office of Multicultural Student Services. 


    FSUbuntu is a registered student organization (RSO) that provides opportunities for students to explore their individual interests that relate to globalization, global issues and international affairs. They offer the Ubuntu International Student Ambassador Award and the Ubuntu Education Abroad Scholar Award. They, also, offer help to students who are pursuing the following, nationally recognized, scholarships: Fulbright Scholarships, Gilman Scholarships, and Truman Scholarships.