Honors Council

Charter Statement

Council Members - 2019/2020 

  • Peter Bradley, Honors Director (ex officio)
  • Christopher Redker, Associate Professor of Psychology 
  • Tony Baker, Executive Director of Community Engagement
  • Jason Bentley, Dean of Retention and Student Success 
  • Cathy Bordeau, Honors Advisor (ex officio)
  • Valerie Campbell, International Admissions Coordinator
  • David Darrow, Director of Student Academic Affairs at EHS
  • Sharon George, Director of Student Academic Affairs at COB
  • James Miller, Professor at MCO
  • Angie Mishler, Director of Student Academic Affairs at CET
  • Piram Prakasam, Executive Director at the Office of International Education 
  • Angela Roman, CLACS Director and Coordinator of the Leadership Center
  • Jeffery Stewart, Assistant Director of Admissions Recruitment Processes 

Council Subcommitees and 2017/2018 Members

Honors Curriculum Committee

Honors Admissions Committee

Honors Completion Committee

Assessment Working Group 

  • Jennifer Johnson, Professor of Geography 

  • Fathima Wakeel, Assistant Professor, Public Health

  • TBD

  • George Nagel, Professor Communication 

  • Sara Bush, Assistant Professor, Michigan College of Optometry

  • Valerie Campbell, International Admissions Coordinator

  • Katherine LaPietra, Professor of Theatre

  • Donna Smith, Professor of Communication 

  • John Cullen, Professor of English 

  • Dan Noren, Professor of French 

  • Felix Smith, Associate Professor of Psychology 

  • TBD
  • Felix Smith, Associate Professor of Psychology

  • Paul Zube, Adjunct Instructor of Communication