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LGBTQ+ Lavender Graduation

LGBTQ+ Resource Center

The LGBTQ+ Resource Center serves to foster a supportive environment that is open, safe, and inclusive for students of all sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions. The Center’s objective is to celebrate and affirm LGBTQ+ people, identities, and communities; to support the development of LGBTQ+-sensitive and -accountable personal and professional skills among the Ferris community; and to support and advocate for, and with, members of the LGBTQ+ community for an equitable, inclusive culture at Ferris State University that celebrates and values LGBTQ+ people.

Our Mission

  • Affirm and celebrate LGBTQ+ individuals, identities, and cultures.
  • Educate the greater Ferris community about LGBTQ+ identities and LGBTQ+ inclusive and affirming practices.
  • Connect LGBTQ+ students with each other, staff and faculty, and all University resources.
  • Provide resources for students, employees, and the community to learn about and advocate for LGBTQ+ individuals.
  • Foster student leadership and personal, academic, and professional growth through mentoring and collaborations on and off campus.
  • Provide a gathering space for all LGBTQ+ students & allies to build community and support each other. 

A Home Away from Home

     The LGBTQ+ Resource Center is first and foremost a safe haven for LGBTQ+ students. We can provide general information about different LGBTQ+ issues, referrals to other campus departments and off-campus resources, and advocacy for students whether that be in the classroom, on campus, or wherever else we can.

Signature Programs, Events, and Services

The LGBTQ+ Resource Center provides cultural programming for National Coming Out Day, LGBT History Month, Spring Pride Week, Transgender Visibility Week, Pride Month, and more.

Weekly Programming

LGBTQ+ Lending Library

We have a large collection of 400+ LGBTQ+-focused books and resources ranging from non-fiction memoirs to comics and everything in between! Students, faculty, and staff are welcome to check out these books whenever they like from the LGBTQ+ Resource Center from our student workers.  

GEnder affirmation closet

Within the LGBTQ+ Resource Center is the Gender Affirmation Closet! We have a collection of clothing available for students to kick-start a wardrobe that allows them to align their appearance with their identity. We also have binders, packers, and other gender-affirming items that can help with appearances. Contact Becca at [email protected] or ask a staff member for assistance!

Coming Soon!

The LGBTQ+ Resource Center is always listening to student feedback and coming up with new programs. Here are a few projects in the works that we are working towards bringing back to Ferris!

Lavender graduation

Lavender Graduation is a small, more relaxed version of commencement recognizing our LGBTQ+ students in a safe and more private space. A slideshow is usually shown with slides for each student highlighting their accomplishments and acknowledging how proud we are! Students receive a special rainbow cord, tassel, and stole to wear at commencement should they choose to go. 

LGBTQ+ Liberation House

The LGBTQ+ Liberation House is going to be a Live-Learn Community for students interested in learning about LGBTQ+ identities, cultures, histories, and communities. If you're interested in this opportunity, please contact the LGBTQ+ Resource Center at [email protected] for more information!