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Business Policies - Student Use Of Respirators Policy

TO: All Members of the Campus Community 97:39
DATE:September 1997

Student Use Of Respirators Policy


    Students at Ferris State University, under certain conditions as determined by the University, shall be required to use an air-purifying respirator to protect their health and safety. The conditions under which the student shall use a respirator shall be determined by the student’s instructor and the department head along with the assistance of the Environmental Health and Safety Office

    Prior to the student using a respirator, the University shall determine if the student will be able to function normally wearing a respirator and the safety and health of the student will not be impaired by the use of a respirator. This policy shall apply only to air-purifying respirators with cartridges and not to disposable dust or surgical masks.


    1. The instructor shall determine the need for a student to use a respirator by assessing the anticipated exposure to hazardous air contaminants by utilizing health and safety information from Material Safety Data Sheets and other references. If deemed necessary, air monitoring may be conducted by the Environmental Health and Safety Office.
    2. Any student who needs to use a respirator shall first complete a medical questionnaire furnished by the University Health Center. The completed questionnaire shall be submitted to the Health Center.
    3. A Health Center physician shall evaluate the completed medical questionnaire to determine whether the student will be at an increased risk of material health impairment from using a respirator.
    4. A Health Center physician shall report to the student’s instructor on whether the student is approved for using a respirator.
    5. After receiving an approval from the Health Center and prior to using a respirator, the instructor shall instruct the student in the proper use of a respirator, which shall include the following:
      1. Reasons for needing respiratory protection.
      2. The nature, extent, and effects of the hazards to which the student may be exposed.
      3. An explanation of the operation and capabilities and the limitations of the respirator to be used.
      4. Instruction in inspecting, putting on, checking the fit of, and wearing the respirator.
      5. An explanation of how maintenance and storage of the respirator is carried out.
      6. Instructions on how to recognize and cope with emergency situations.

Richard P. Duffett
Vice President for Administration and Finance

Contact: Physical Plant