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Business Policies - Use, Storage, and Disposal of PCB Equipment

TO: All Members of the University Community 97:43
DATE: September 1997

Use, Storage, and Disposal of PCB Equipment
(Supersedes 90:3)

    It is the intent of Ferris State University to maintain a safe environment for all persons on campus and to fully comply with all Federal, State, and local regulations which apply to the continued use, storage and disposal of PCB’s. The University will, therefore, train employees, perform inspections as required, document all activities, and develop an emergency response plan to protect the students, staff, faculty, and general public while on campus.
    1. Responsibilities
      The FSU Physical Plant - Environmental Engineer is responsible for the immediate administration of the University PCB program. All University personnel are expected, where applicable, to provide full support and cooperation in complying with established policies and procedures.
    2. Purchase or Acceptance of Donations
      The University will not purchase or accept any device, machine, or chemical which is contaminated with or contains any component which contains PCB’s.
    3. Disposal
      Disposal of University-owned PCB’s will be done within EPA guidelines and will utilize vendors who have the appropriate technology for the disposal.

      Arrangements for disposal shall be made through the Plant and Environmental Engineer’s Office or the Environmental Health and Safety Office.

    4. Public Disposal of University Surplus
      No PCB’s will be disposed of via public sale.
    5. Inspections
      Inspections will be done as required by law and will be conducted by the Environmental Health and Safety Office.
    6. Employee Training
      Employee training on PCB’s will be done by the Environmental Health and Safety Office.
    7. Emergencies
      The PCB emergency response plan and spill containment kit will be maintained at the General Services Building and may be accessed by calling ext. 2920.
    8. Complete Policy and Procedure
      The complete policy and procedure statement dated November 28, 1989, as revised, is available in the Ferris State University Policies and Procedures Manual.

Richard P. Duffett
Vice President for Administration & Finance

Contact: Physical Plant