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Business Policies - Computer Software Policy

TO: All Members of the University Community 2000:16
DATE: September 2000

Computer Software Policy
(Supersedes 92:06)


    The purpose of this policy is to prevent the unauthorized and illegal use of computer software or the use of software in a manner that is designed to disrupt the effective use of any computer, computer system, network or software at Ferris State University.


    It is the policy of Ferris State University, that all software used at or on behalf of the University be properly licensed. Any computer software program used in any computer owned or leased by Ferris State University shall be used only in accordance with the terms and conditions of the licensing agreement.

    Ferris State University does not approve or condone the unauthorized copying of computer software programs for home or personal business use.

    The creation, intentional distribution and/or infection of a computer with a virus or trojan horse is strictly prohibited.

    A violation of this policy shall subject any employee or student of Ferris State University to disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal or expulsion. The person responsible may also be held liable for any criminal or civil penalty that might be imposed as a result of their action.

    In support of this policy, site licenses for computer software programs shall be administered and managed by Information Services with support from the Network Coordinating Group, Purchasing, and General Counsel. Individual software program licenses should be maintained in the office of the consortium where the computer software program is used and shall be readily available for purposes of auditing and reference.

Richard Duffett, Vice President
Administration and Finance

Contact: Information Services & Telecommunications