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Business Policies - Network Operating Systems Policy

Business Policy Letters

TO: All Members of the University Community 99:14
DATE: October 1999


  1. SCOPE

    Continuous advances in networking technologies, and the growing complexity of the Ferris State University wide area network (WAN), require institutional standards for network operating systems (NOS). These standards will promote reliability, network security, ease of network administration, and economies of scale in the purchase of NOS software.


    The Vice President for Administration and Finance (hereinafter "Vice President"), or his/her designated representative or representatives, shall have authority to establish and enforce network operating system standards in accordance with this policy and such rules and regulations as said Vice President shall adopt for the internal management and operation of the policy within the University.

    The Standards Task Group will create and maintain all NOS standards, submit them to the University Technologies Committee for approval and authorization for implementation, and ensure that the current NOS standards and procedures are published and available on the FSU Web site. Printed copies are available by contacting Information Service and Telecommunications (IS&T). All violations are to be reported in writing to the Assistant Vice President for IS&T.


    • The appropriate NOS administrators as outlined in the NOS standards must authorize all servers that connect to the WAN
    • Compliance with published NOS standards is required
    • Compliance with Business Policy Letter 1996:07, "Proper Use of Information Resources, Information Technology, and Networks Policy"

Richard Duffett, Vice President
Administration and Finance

Contact: Information Service & Telecommunications