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Business Policies - Fire Safety Policy Statement

TO: All Members of the University Community 97:41

DATE: September 1997


(Supersedes 85:2)

  1. Purpose

    The Primary purpose of the Fire Safety Program is to preserve the health and safety of students, faculty, staff and visitors. It is the intent of each and every effort to protect against avoidable and undue risks of injury or death due to fire. Fire prevention measures are also employed to minimize loss of property as well as to comply with all applicable fire safety laws.

  2. Administration

    The administration of the Fire Safety Program is the responsibility of the Office of Occupational Health and Safety.

  3. Fire Safety Responsibilities

    The fire safety responsibilities of the Office of Safety, Occupational Health and Safety shall include the following:

    • Develop necessary fire safety rules and procedures;
    • Conduct periodic fire drills and inspections of all campus facilities to insure compliances with fire safety laws and regulations;
    • Cause all fire alarms, emergency lighting and fire fighting systems to be periodically inspected and tested in accordance with fire safety laws and regulations;
    • Serve as the University’s primary contact with state and local fire officials;
    • Investigate all reported fires on campus including review of related fire officials’ reports to determine cause of fires and necessary corrective measures.

  4. Cooperation of University Personnel

All University management and supervisory personnel shall provide full support and cooperation with the Office of Safety, Health and Radiation Control in carrying out its fire safety responsibilities.

Richard P. Duffett, Vice President for Administration and Finance

Contact: Physical Plant