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Academic Affairs Graduate Program Admissions Policy | Ferris State University

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Owner Academic Affairs
Contact [email protected]
Document Type Policy
Issue Date December 1, 2014
Last Review March 14, 2024
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  1. Purpose Statement
  2. Policy
  3. Audience
  4. History

A. Purpose Statement

The purpose of this policy is to set the minimum standards for the development of programs leading to master’s or doctoral-level degrees and certificates at Ferris State University. Specific programs may set standards based on curricular, accreditation requirements or professional standards.

This policy serves as an addendum to the guidelines specified in the University Curriculum Committee (UCC) Curriculum Planning and Procedures Manual, and graduate proposals should address the major areas identified in this document.

B. Policy

Regular Admission Requirements

Submission of all required admission materials, including:

  1. A completed online application
  2. Receipt by the Ferris Admissions Office of official transcripts from all institutions of higher education previously attended, sent directly from those institutions to Ferris or, where applicable, to a program-specific application clearing house.
  3. Supplemental documents and/or references specific to the program.
  4. For students whose first (native) language is not English, English proficiency test scores sent directly from the testing agency that demonstrate meeting the Ferris International Office standards for English proficiency (e.g., TOEFL, IELTS, and Duolingo)

Minimum Grade Point Requirements

  1. Master’s level certificates, degree programs or undeclared graduate-level coursework: Minimum grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.0 from the previous degree from an accredited college or university, except where program-specific early admission opportunities are afforded.
  2. Doctoral degree programs: Minimum grade point average (GPA) aligned with the expected mastery of previous courses and/or degrees from accredited college(s) or university(ies).

Additional program specific requirements may exist, such as:

  1. Requirement that undergraduate coursework be done within the United States or Canada
  2. Entrance exam (e.g., PCAT, OAT, GRE, MAT, GMAT, etc.)
  3. Specific pre-requisite courses with minimum course grades
  4. Minimum GPA for a sub-set(s) of prerequisite courses
  5. Varying/Differing minimum GPA or language proficiency requirements
  6. Early admission opportunities
  7. References
  8. Writing sample(s)
  9. Interviews
  10. Curriculum Vitae or resume
  11. Application fee

Provisional Admission Requirements

Students failing to meet the minimum requirements for regular graduate admission may be granted provisional admission at the program’s discretion. Students granted provisional admission may be granted regular admission if, after a designated period, they have met the program requirements.

Readmission Requirements

  1. A student formerly enrolled in a Ferris graduate program must file a readmission application if an interruption in enrollment has occurred. An interruption in enrollment occurs whenever a student withdraws from the University or fails to enroll for two succeeding semesters, not including the summer semester.
  2. Admission consideration of a reentering student’s academic standing is based on all courses attempted at the University and at other colleges and universities attended.
  3. An applicant must meet the same academic requirements expected of new applicants or obtain special admission permission from the academic program.
  4. Depending on individual circumstances and program requirements, certain other conditions may apply to the readmission process. If a student seeking readmission has attended another college or university since leaving the University, an official transcript from that institution must be submitted as part of the readmission application. If during a previous enrollment the student was suspended or dismissed from the University or disciplinary proceedings are pending, the student is subject to the criteria and standards
    of the program where admission is sought.
  5. If the student returns to the University after an interrupted enrollment (not including the summer semester), normally the requirements of the curriculum which are in force at the time of the return must be met, not the requirements which were in effect when the student was originally admitted.
  6. An application for readmission may be subject to the same application deadlines as a new student applicant, except when the academic program determines that an exemption from such deadlines is appropriate.

Special Enrollment Requirements

Special enrollment is intended for students who are not planning to become candidates for a graduate degree at Ferris State University. Special enrollment will be permitted only on a semester-by semester basis, subject to program approval. If a student is currently enrolled in a graduate program within Michigan, special enrollment may be arranged through the Ferris graduate program using the Michigan Intercollegiate Studies (MIGS) form.

Appealing Graduate Program Admission Decisions

  1. If an applicant wishes to appeal an admissions decision by a Ferris State graduate program, the applicant must first process written a formal appeal to the intended
    program within thirty (30) working days of the denial decision.
  2. If the program upholds the denial decision, the applicant has fourteen (14) working days to initiate their appeal to the program’s college dean through a letter requesting reconsideration.
  3. After the college dean has rendered a decision, if the denial is upheld, the applicant has fourteen(14) working days to initiate an appeal to the Office of Graduate Studies through a letter requesting reconsideration.
  4. The decision to admit or to uphold the denial of admission will be based on the individual merits of each case and applicable professional standards. The decision will be presented to the applicant, in writing, within fourteen (14) working days of the date of receipt of the appeal, whenever possible.
  5. Decisions by the dean of the Office of Graduate Studies, in consultation with the provost’s office, regarding admissions are final. There is no higher level the applicant can submit an appeal to.

C. Audience

The intended audience for this policy are individuals seeking admittance to programs leading to masters or doctoral level degrees and graduate-level certificates.

D. History

This policy supersedes the previous policy approved on April 26, 2016