HatchEd - Innovation Conference and Idea Incubator

HatchEd 2019 Where good ideas are born HatchEd 2019 Where good ideas are born HatchEd 2019 Where good ideas are born HatchEd 2019 Where good ideas are born HatchEd 2019 Where good ideas are born HatchEd 2019 Where good ideas are born HatchEd 2019 Where good ideas are born

Thank you to all of the innovators who attended HatchEd 2019! We can't wait to see what you accomplish over the next year.

2019 Attendees

Rachel Foulk, Arts and Sciences
Namita Giri, Pharmacy
Mary Holmes, Business
Sonali Kurup, Pharmacy
Larry Bajor, Business
Jason Bentley, Retention and Student Success
Michele Harvey, Engineering Technology
Jeff Ek, Business
Jennifer Dirmeyer, Business
Ann Breitenwischer, Arts and Sciences
Dan Wanink, Engineering Technology
Anne Hawkins, Academic Affairs
Michele Albright, CLACS
Jim Woolen, Business
Sandy Stoddard, Retention and Student Success
Shelley VandePanne, Retention and Student Success
Steven Hundersmarck, Education and Human Services
Jennifer Coburn, Arts and Sciences
David Damari, Optometry
Rodney Larson, Pharmacy
Megan Connaghan, Business
Wendy Stapp, Research & Sponsored Programs
Jenny Armentrout, Arts and Sciences
Maureen Wawsczyk, Research & Sponsored Programs
Kristy Motz, FLITE
Kali VanLangen, Pharmacy
Katie Axford, Pharmacy
Olukemi Fadayomi, Arts and Sciences
Sonali Kurup, Pharmacy
Kara Kosloski, Auxiliary Services
Jody Gardei, Staff Center for Training & Development
Lisa Meny, Pharmacy
Rhonda Bishop, Health Professions
Felix Amissah, Pharmacy
Lisa vonReichbauer, Office of International Education
Elizabeth Burbatt, Retention and Student Services
Michelle Weemaes, Retention and Student Services
Eric Nybo, Pharmacy
Tracey Mersfelder, Pharmacy
Sharon George, Business
Kaylee Burke, Center for [email protected] Studies
Minji Sohn, Pharmacy
Jodie Elder, Pharmacy
Leah Melichar, Retention and Student Services
Daniel deRegnier, Health Professions
Ghada Mahdi, WMELI
Dave Nicol, Business
Karen Royster-James, Retention and Student Services
Jenny Lamberts, Pharmacy
Jason Alger, KCAD
Michele Harvey, Engineering Technology
David Bright, Pharmacy
Julie Rowan, Retention and Student Services
Bob Cardana, Arts and Sciences
Victor Piercey, Arts and Sciences
Brooke Moore, Retention and Student Success
Anuli Njoku, Health Professions
Schuyler Pike, Arts and Sciences
Timberly Boezwinkle, Retention and Student Success
Peter Bradley, Retention and Student Success
Jason Bentley, Retention and Student Success
Sandra Brigance, Arts and Sciences
Becky Johnson Himes, Health Professions
Gail Bullard, Health Professions
Mohamed Abusharkh, Education and Human Services
Robert Most, Engineering Technology
Andrew Peterson, Extended and International Operations
Nancy Hart, KCAD
Eric Hazen, Extended and International Operations
James Miller, Optometry
Jackie Hughes, Extended and International Operations
Stacy Anderson, FLITE
Heather Pavletic, Arts and Sciences
Kristi Scholten, Arts and Sciences
Carrie Thompson, Arts and Sciences
Patricia Constantine, KCAD
Carrie Franklund, Provost's Office
Dave McCall, Retention and Student Services
Angela Buys, Retention and Student Services
President David Eisler
Sandy Balkema, Extended and International Operations
Nick Kuiper, Education and Human Services
Mark Dunneback, Engineering Technology
Lee Davis, KCAD
Jon Moroney, KCAD
Thomas Dowling, Pharmacy
Tracy Russo, Extended and International Operations
Andrea Kitomary, Education and Human Services
Sandy Alspach, Arts and Sciences
Sheila MacEachron, Health Professions
Lincoln Gibbs, Health Professions
Gary Huey, Arts and Sciences
Barry Mehler, Arts and Sciences
Michael Reger, Health Professions
Trinidy Williams, Arts and Sciences
Kelley Senkowski, Extended and International Operations
Tracy Glentz, Health Professions
Kristi Haik, Arts and Sciences
Mandy Seiferlein, Pharmacy
Jenny Lamberts, Pharmacy
Natalie Wetzel, KCAD
Michael McCulloch, KCAD
Brian Craig, KCAD
Donna Smith, Arts and Sciences
Susanna Engbers, KCAD
Karen Carter, KCAD
Gayle DeBruyn, KCAD
Susan Bonner, KCAD
Ali Konieczny, Pharmacy
Stephen Durst, Pharmacy
Kirk Weller, Arts and Sciences
Emmanuel Jadhav, Health Professions
Anne Norcross, KCAD
Megan Biller, Extended and International Operations
Hira Herrington, Business
Emily Aslakson, Optometry
Sandra Alspach, Arts and Sciences
Luke Hedman, Engineering Technology
Heather Pavletic, Arts and Sciences
Deedee Stakley, Retention and Student Success

HatchEd is Ferris State University's collaborative conference and idea incubator for all faculty and staff. HatchEd is focused on on nurturing innovation and empowering innovators in the higher education space.

HatchEd is powered by the collaboration of departments across Ferris State University and fueled by the generous sponsorship of the Academic Senate and Academic Affairs.