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What Does Test-Optional Mean?

Embracing Success: What It Means to Be Test-Optional

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"Test-optional admissions" is a term you have probably come across in your college search. It's a great way to help students through the admission process, but you might be confused about what it actually means. Let's take a look at what test-optional admissions is and how it helps colleges and universities, like Ferris State University, better serve you on your journey toward a degree.

What is "Test-optional"?

A test-optional college is a school that offers applicants the choice of whether to submit standardized test scores (such as your SAT score or ACT score) as part of their application. This means you are not required to provide these scores during the college admissions process.

Instead, colleges evaluate applicants based on admission factors such as academic performance, extracurricular involvement, letters of recommendation, personal essays, and more.

A Different approach

Test-optional admissions reflect a shift toward valuing the whole student, beyond just their test scores. This approach recognizes that standardized testing alone cannot solely determine academic potential and personal qualities.

Colleges want to make the admissions process fairer and more inclusive. They consider various factors to give students from different backgrounds a chance to show their strengths.

Benefits of Test-Optional Admissions

Reduced Stress

Taking away the mandatory submission of standardized test scores can relieve the stress and anxiety associated with high-stakes testing. This enables you to present a more comprehensive picture of your academic abilities.

Promotion of Diversity

Test-optional policies help applicants by giving opportunities to students who are good at things other than standardized tests. This leads to a more vibrant campus community with varied perspectives.

Focus on Personal Qualities

With an emphasis on essays, recommendations, and other accomplishments, colleges can better understand you as a student and what you will bring to campus.

More Opportunity For Students

If you didn't have the opportunity to complete and SAT or ACT or didn't have access to resources that would help you do your best, test-optional admissions will help you take the next step forward in your education without those test scores.

Considerations for Applicants

1. Your Strengths

Without the pressure of standardized tests, consider showcasing your academic achievements, extracurricular involvements, and unique qualities that set you apart.

2. Optional, Not Mandatory

Remember that the decision to submit test scores is entirely up to you. If you believe your scores reflect your abilities, you can submit them. If you decide not to, it will not count against you.

3. Highlight Holistic Success

Use your application essays and other materials to demonstrate your passion, commitment, and personal growth throughout high school.

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Your journey is not only determined by one test score. It is also influenced by your potential, determination, and what you bring to your college campus.

Ferris State University has a test-optional consideration program for students who are eligible.

At Ferris, we want to help students break barriers down. The university was founded on the principle of providing opportunity, and we take great pride in that tradition. Meet with an admissions officer to see if you are eligible.

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