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Completing a College Application

5 Easy Steps to Completing Your College Application

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Applying for college and completing your college application can be an intimidating task. We've broken down the application process into five easy steps to finishing your college application. Checking each of these tasks off your list will lead you to successful college admission and getting that acceptance letter. 

1. Find the best school for you

The first step of the college application process is finding the school that best suits your needs.

Do you want somewhere close to home? Do you have a specific program you want to pursue, and does the college you have in mind offer it? Are you a legacy at a university? Which school is offering you the most scholarships and financial aid? Identify what's on your 'must-have' list for your future college. 

Once you've chosen the school (or schools!) to apply to, you can move on to your next step. 

2. Decide what kind of student you are

Depending on what type of student you are could impact the application you submit. Are you a new applicant, directly out of high school? Are you a transfer student? Are you looking at graduate programs? 

Before submitting your college application, make sure you're filling out the one that applies to you: new student application, transfer student application, or graduate student application.

3. Submit your application

The next step in completing your college application is actually submitting your application. Most require you to create an account. This way you can come back to the application or check the status. Some schools also charge an application fee.

Fill out the required information like personal and contact info, your intended program of choice, etc.

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4. Send in your transcripts and test scores if required

Many colleges and universities require transcripts and test scores as part of your application, some do not. If your application does require them, make sure to send them in to help your application process go smoother. 


High school transcripts

There are a few different ways you can request your high school transcripts to send in with your application.

  • Contact your individual school.
  • Contact your school district.
  • Contact your state's Department of Education.

College transcripts

Transcripts can be sent electronically from the issuing school through a credentialing service such as:

Test Scores

For standardized tests, including the SAT, CLEP, and AP, visit College Board for instructions. Ferris State University's school code is 1222.

If you need to submit your ACT scores, head to the ACT website. You'll find step-by-step instructions on sending in your scores. Our school code is 1994.

5. Look out for your decision letter! 

Now you've made it to the final step of your application process. Once you've submitted the application, all that's left to do is wait! It can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to receive your decision letter from your school's admissions office. 


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