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Why Earning a Communication Degree Leads to Career Success

Communication Majors are in High-Demand

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Communication is one of the top degree paths for students to pursue, and for good reason. Strong communication is at the root of every successful organization, business, and team. Whether it's interpersonal, intercultural, written, spoken, digital, or all of the above, earning your degree in communication will provide you with the foundation to succeed anywhere.

Here are seven great reasons to earn your Communication Studies bachelor’s degree at Ferris State University.

Communication is the Most In-Demand Skill for Employers

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The November 2020 “Georgetown David L. Eisler Center on Education and The Workforce” report shows that the most sought-out skill by employers is communication. This has been confirmed by many other surveys and studies, including a recent study from LinkedIn. This has been the trend for a long time and it's not going away. COVID-19 has changed the business world, and effective communicators are needed more than ever. With work environments changing and communication shifting to virtual platforms like Zoom and Teams, companies need people who can successfully communicate across different mediums and platforms.

Good Communicators are Good Co-Workers

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Have you ever closely watched a successful basketball team and how they interact? Players and coaches are constantly communicating with each other on the court and on the bench. The most successful teams and the best teammates are the teams that communicate the most. It's the same when it comes to your future work environment. According to a McKinsey report, teams that communicate effectively have an increased productivity of 20-25%. Being able to prove your expertise in with a bachelor's of science degree in communication will show employers that you are a great teammate that will help them achieve their goals.

Ability to Avoid and Resolve Conflict

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A study on interpersonal communication and conflict shows that most workplace conflicts come from a lack of communication. As a major in our communication program, you will take specific classes on interpersonal communication, small group decision making, conflict and communication, and organizational communication. These courses will teach you how to prevent or resolve conflict between co-workers in the real world. For workplaces to function successfully, employers are always looking to hire people who know how to talk through problems and de-escalate situations.

Versatile and Employable Assets

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A communication degree program will give you the versatility to take on a wide array of careers. has identified the top 10 communication skills that employers are looking for. They include:

  1. Active Listening
  2. Communication Method
  3. Friendliness
  4. Confidence
  5. Sharing Feedback
  6. Volume and Clarity
  7. Empathy
  8. Respect
  9. Non-Verbal Cues
  10. Responsiveness.

These skills are easily transferable to a variety of jobs, making you an excellent candidate for a position in fields like marketing, journalism, public relations, politics, and more. Earning your communication degree allows you to pursue these different jobs throughout your career and be marketable to all types of employers.

A fast track to leadership

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The Center for Creative Leadership states that communication is at the core of leadership and a key characteristic to being a successful leader. Earning your Communication Studies degree can put you on the road to a leadership role. Ferris offers a leadership and communication class where you can get a head start on becoming an impactful leader. Good communication skills enable you to move up the ladder of your career.

Communication Skills are Future-Proof

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While many industries and career paths are vulnerable to being replaced by automation, communication skills are largely future-proof. According to MIT's Justin Reich, communication is one of the areas where computers struggle to perform as well as humans. “The most important skills for the future will be the kinds of things that computers cannot readily do," says Reich. "Two important domains of human comparative advantage are ill-structured problem solving and complex, persuasive communication." This means you aren't likely to be competing with a robot for a job in a communication field in the near future.

Explore the Communication Studies Program

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Majoring in Communication Studies can land you an exciting and fulfilling job. Explore all of your options at Ferris by requesting more information or dive-in and apply right now.

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