Ferris Online

Take Ferris online classes and make anywhere your classroom!

Take Your Classes Anywhere.

Ferris offers select programs in an online format so you can move ahead without moving all over town.  We offer many certificates as well as bachelor degree-completion programs and master's degree programs. 

In addition to our many programs which can be completed fully online, we also have some programs which have the added feature of some face to face instruction. Our Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning and Refrigeration degree, Technical Education (Pro-Mo-Ted), and Master's degree in Business Administration all provide the opportunity to have the best of both worlds...a majority of the coursework online, blended with some face-to-face traditional classroom time, to give you an opportunity to meet others in your program and get to know your faculty instructors! 

Be Prepared for Online

MouseOnline learning provides great flexibility for busy learners. However, online learning also demands a disciplined approach. Not everyone feels comfortable learning in the online environment.  We have provided some items for your review as well as the following quiz to help you answer the question "Is Online Learning Right for Me?"