Extended and International Operations

Extended and International Operations (EIO) expands the reach and impact of Ferris State University beyond Big Rapids and beyond the traditional classroom. Through the development of strategic partnerships and the cultivation of innovators in the higher education, corporate training, and consultation spaces, EIO is moving students, organizations and communities forward.

EIO Administrative Operations & Dean's Office

Supporting the activities of all branches of Extended and International Operations are staff that focus on human resources, marketing, promotion, and planning. It is our goal to be a transparent organization, and with that in mind we share our planning documents and welcome feedback and suggestions.

Ferris StatewideImage of Ferris Statwide Website

EIO has built a network of 21 locations across Michigan that allows students to earn their degree locally. Statewide programs are agile, dynamic, and highly responsive to local industry, accelerating the transition of students into in-demand fields with the precise training and expertise employers need right now.

Ferris OnlineImage of Ferris Online Website

Ferris Online makes the promise of a Ferris education available to anyone, anytime, anywhere. Offering more than 30 undergraduate and graduate programs in cutting-edge, web-native learning environments, Ferris Online is pushing higher education into the future.

Community College Leadership Doctoral ProgramImage of Community College Leadership Doctoral Program Website

The Ferris State University Doctorate in Community College Leadership (DCCL) empowers graduates to advance community colleges toward excellence and community responsiveness through exemplary leadership.

Corporate and Professional DevelopmentImage of Corporate & Professional Development Website

CPD connects corporations, government agencies, non-profits and other organizations with the customized training they need to advance their industry or service areas. CPD unites faculty from multiple colleges to create a customized training solution using Ferris facilities, trainee workplaces, or other creative locations, moving today’s workforce forward fast. In addition, CPD manages the logistics of Ferris summer camps, serving 2,000 kids annually – exposing them to the camp content and a future at Ferris.