Study Abroad


Education abroad is an enriching, life-changing experience both personally and academically – the lessons you will learn cannot be duplicated on any campus in the United States.

While studying abroad you will:

  • Take classes in other countries or the United States
  • Earn academic credit at Ferris State University
  • Apply most forms of financial aid to program expenses
  • Study a variety of subjects in English
  • Learn a foreign language
  • Explore, discover, and broaden your cultural horizons

When a student chooses to study abroad they impact their personal and academic career through a life changing experience.  Students will be immersed into a different culture through many types of programs ranging from semester experiences to short term faculty programs.

Many of the faculty who lead study abroad programs feel a personal obligation to introduce students to the world.  The faculty provide a safe traveling and academic experience all while learning in the world classroom.  Many of the programs provide general education credits and provide an insight into oneself, home country and culture.

Short-Term Faculty Led Programs

Short-term programs usually range from two to four weeks, and you can earn three to six credits. Non Ferris students can also participate in a short-term program. It is a great stepping stone, introducing you to studying outside the United States.

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Semester Exchange Programs

When students participate with one of our exchange partner schools, they pay Ferris tuition and other fees to the host school. When participating in an affiliate program, students will pay a program fee.

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