Ferris Statewide

Changes ahead. Success inevitable.

To be successful, we must adapt to change. You don’t get ahead in life by staying in one place. Ferris State University is in the business of positive change and personal growth, so we brought our top-quality, career-focused education to over 20 locations in Michigan.

We partner with community colleges all over the state to offer the convenience and quality of a Ferris education right where you are. You want to finish your degree, pursue a new degree, or increase your professional profile by becoming certified in a specific area – Ferris State University Statewide & Online is the place for you.

Our degrees in business, education, health care, technology and more are within reach. Browse our electronic view book to find a program that’s right for you. Take a step toward your future and we’ll walk with you as you propel yourself to the top.

Free guidance and academic advising is available. Don’t wait. Embrace change and pursue your success today! You aren't stuck in one place and neither is Ferris. Let’s move forward together.