Abbreviation: AOSA

Membership Requirements : Membership is granted to any optometry student of good standing and whose dues are received annually. Each member is entitled to full privileges regardless of race, sex or creed.

Mission : AOSA is a national organization comprised of nearly 6000 optometry students from the 19 schools of optometry in the United States and Canada. Our chapter here at The Michigan College of Optometry (MCO), has four purposes:

1.To serve as the official point of contact between MCO and AOSA National
2.To improve the visual welfare of the public
3.To promote the profession of optometry
4.To promote the education and welfare of optometry students

Annual Events or Projects : College of Optometry annual Ice-Breaker Picnic and Volleyball Tournament, AOSA National Convention, Varilux Mini-Student Bowl

Contact Person : Don Rademacher, MCO Trustee

AOSA First Year Orientation 2010-2011

For more information on our organization, please visit www.theaosa.org

Student organizations are a very important aspect of your "career" at MCO and it is a good idea to get involved with those organizations you are interested in right away. Please contact the person in charge of the organization. Each organization will do a presentation and membership drive at the beginning of the year.