• Ferris was given top honors for program elements including a self-assessment quiz, to help a prospective student determine if online learning is best for them.
  • Any art exhibition that aims to explore the complexities of the human experience must be intentionally diverse in the artists and artworks it features.
  • AMA collegiate chapters from Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin will take part in the conference, which begins Thursday evening, Oct. 8 in Ferris’ IRC.
  • Check out profiles of some familiar faces from Ferris State University. Get their thoughts on why they chose Ferris.
  • The first significant campaign to secure funding for Ferris State University’s College of Pharmacy entered its public phase on Thursday, Sept. 10.
  • Dr. Sarah Hinkley noted that 100 percent of the children were cooperative and excited to be a part of this program in the previous two years.
  • The Benefit provides resources for The Ferris Foundation for Excellence Scholarship Program, financial assistance for students who might not otherwise have access to a Ferris education.

Ferris State University News Highlights