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Since the program’s beginning in 1971 the graduates from the Automotive Management degree (AMGT) have entered the transportation industry with a very unique skill set. Graduates have a technical background from automotive service, auto body, heavy equipment, to any on-road or off-road vehicle, and business acumen.  

This gives the graduate the skill set necessary to successfully enter nearly any management position in the transportation industry. Whether it is working for one of the manufacturers or the aftermarket; a Tier level supplier or a dealer, to opening their own business; AMGT graduates have a proven track record of success.

If you are a recent high school graduate or have been working in the field and need to acquire a Bachelor’s Degree to advance in your career you have options. As an AMGT student:

  • You may get the degree on campus from start to finish in four years.
  • You may choose to transfer in from another college with an Associate’s Degree or 40 technically related credit hours and acquire your Bachelor’s Degree.
  • If you need to continue working and have a technically related AAS or 40 credits you may take the Automotive Management Degree online.


The AMGT program has two different baccalaureate options:

2 + 2 Option
The 2+2 Option is available for students with an Auto Service, Heavy Equipment, or Auto Body related associates degree who desire to go on an obtain a B.S. degree. (In other words - this option is for students who want to match their 2-year associates degree with a third and fourth year and obtain a B.S. degree.)

0 + 4 Option
The 0+4 Option is available for high school graduates who know they want a technical and business management degree. This option has a technical focus the first two years, and students have an opportunity to take 12 credits in a focus area, such as a second language, technical writing, technical training, international business, e-commerce marketing, or obtain a minor in another discipline. This option allows students to tailor their degree to their specific area of interest.

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