Part 2. Bylaws
Table of Contents

Subpart 2-1 The University and the Board of Trustees Under the Michigan Constitution and Related Law

Sec. 2-101. Status of the University.
Sec. 2-102. Governance of the University.
Sec. 2-103. Number of Trustees; Term of Office; Appointment.
Sec. 2-104. Vacancies on the Board of Trustees.
Sec. 2-105. Duties of the Board of Trustees.
Sec. 2-106. President of the University.
Sec. 2-107. Election or Designation of Person to Preside at Board Meetings.
Sec. 2-108. Formal Sessions of the Board.
Sec. 2-109. Appropriations and Accountings.

Subpart 2-2 Formal Sessions of the Board

Sec. 2-201. Biennial Formal Sessions.
Sec. 2-202. Regular Formal Sessions.
Sec. 2-203. Special Formal Sessions.
Sec. 2-204. Posting of Public Notice of Regular Formal Sessions.
Sec. 2-205. Posting of Public Notice of a Change in the Schedule of Regular Formal Sessions.
Sec. 2-206. Posting of Public Notice of Rescheduled Regular Formal Sessions.
Sec. 2-207. Posting of Public Notice of Special Formal Sessions.
Sec. 2-208. Posting of Public Notice of the Reconvening of a Recessed Formal Meeting.
Sec. 2-209. Places of Posting of Public Notices.
Sec. 2-210. Mailing of Notices.
Sec. 2-211. Provision of Copies of Public Notices to Newspapers and Radio and Television Stations.
Sec. 2-212. Quorum.
Sec. 2-213. Agenda.
Sec. 2-214. Emergency Action.
Sec. 2-215. Hearing of the Public.
Sec. 2-216. Voting Procedures.
Sec. 2-217. Submission by Trustees of Agenda Items.
Sec. 2-218. Mailing of Agenda.
Sec. 2-219. Minutes of Board Proceedings.
Sec. 2-220. Public Availability of Minutes.
Sec. 2-221. Order of Business at Annual Formal Sessions.
Sec. 2-222. Order of Business at Regular Formal Sessions.
Sec. 2-223. Order of Business at Special Formal Sessions.
Sec. 2-224. Participation by Conference Telephone or Similar Communications Equipment.
Sec. 2-225. Applicability of Roberts Rules of Order (Revised).
Sec. 2-226. Applicability of this Subpart; Definitions.

Subpart 2-3 Officers and Appointees of the Board

Sec. 2-301. Officers of the Board.
Sec. 2-302. Election and Term of Office.
Sec. 2-303. Vacancies.
Sec. 2-304. Duties of the Chairperson.
Sec. 2-305. Duties of the Vice Chairperson.
Sec. 2-306. Duties of the Secretary.
Sec. 2-307. Election and Duties of the President.
Sec. 2-308. Appointment of Legal Counsel.
Sec. 2-309. Appointment and Function of Board Counsel.
Sec. 2-310. Appointment and Duties of the Recording Secretary.

Subpart 2-4 Committees of the Board

Sec. 2-401. Executive Committee.
Sec. 2-402. Functions of the Executive Committee.
Sec. 2-403. Meetings of the Executive Committee.
Sec. 2-404. Reports of Action Taken by the Executive Committee.
Sec. 2-405. Finance Committee.
Sec. 2-406. Functions of the Finance Committee Relating to Audit.
Sec. 2-407. Other Functions of the Finance Committee.
Sec. 2-408. Academic Affairs/Student Affairs Committee.
Sec. 2-409. Functions of the Academic Affairs/Student Affairs Committee Relating to Academic Affairs.
Sec. 2-410. Functions of the Academic Affairs/Student Affairs Committee Relating to Student Affairs.
Sec. 2-411. Other Committees.
Sec. 2-412. Voting Procedures.
Sec. 2-413. Minutes of Committee Meetings.