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TO: All Members of the University Community 2000:07
DATE: June, 2000

Environmental Health And Safety Policy
(Supersedes 1989:04)


    It is the responsibility and intent of Ferris State University to protect the health and safety of students, faculty, staff and visitors while engaged in the educational and business activities of the University. To this end the University will provide the necessary services and controls to promote, create and maintain a safe and healthful campus environment and operations. The purpose of this policy statement is to establish the University's commitment to campus environmental health and safety.


    The Environmental Health and Safety Office has been established to provide a comprehensive program of services and activities to protect faculty, staff, students, and campus visitors from avoidable and unnecessary risks of illness, injury or death. The responsibilities of the Environmental Health and Safety Office shall include the following:

    1. Perform regular inspections of campus facilities to identify hazards and potential hazards and determine compliance with OSHA and fire regulations. Recommendations of corrective actions shall be submitted to appropriate offices.
    2. Provide a program of safety training for employees to comply with OSHA regulations and to promote safe and healthful operating procedures.
    3. Investigate employee job-related injuries and illnesses and recommend necessary action to reduce the possibility of recurrence.
    4. Review proposals for new construction and major remodeling to insure compliance with OSHA and fire safety regulations.
    5. Provide technical expertise and knowledge of regulatory compliance techniques for the guidance of management in the formulation of policy and decisions regarding the maintenance of a safe and healthful campus environment and operations, and to insure compliance with health and safety laws and regulations.
    6. Operate a hazardous waste management system and provide necessary control measures to insure compliance with hazardous waste laws and regulations.
    7. Develop for adoption all necessary safety rules and procedures to implement the University's compliance with OSHA regulations.

    In order for the Environmental Health and Safety Office to fulfill its responsibilities contained in this policy and any other efforts to create and maintain a healthful and safe campus environment, the cooperation of all members of the University community is requested.

Richard Duffett, Vice President
Administration and Finance

Contact: Contact: Environmental Health & Safety Office