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Goidich Black and White Drawing, Gentleman Goidich Black and White Drawing, Woman

October 1 - 31, 2015: "Little Things" Solo Exhibit by Damian Goidich, MFA Kendall

Recipient of the MFA Kendall Graduate Purchase Award  2013

October 8 2015: Talk with the Artist 6-7 pm, UCB 205

"Little Things" explores the contradiction between tangible visual evidence and lack of information. The source material comes from early 19th century portrait photographs and daguerreotypes, each of an undetermined origin. The faces depicted in these drawings are anonymous; there are no labels, no documentation or records of their identity. All of the people who may have known them in life have disappeared. Without histories, personal nominatives or affiliation with societal designations, these people from the past are unknowable to us in the present - it is as though they never existed. Yet here they are, crystalized in faded images once created for posterity, little more than phantoms of a bygone age we cannot experience for ourselves.

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