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Proud Hawaiian man in native costume on a cliff above the ocean, wind in his face and long hair blowing back.   Two Inuit women and a child in native costume standing at the waters edge.

 September  1 – 26, 2015: “Project 562”  by Matika Wilbur  

September 9:  Artist Presentation  5:30 pm, UBC 202A
September 10: Artist Presentation  11:00 am, UCB 202C
September 10: Artist Reception 5-7 pm, UCB 205

“Project 562 creatively addresses and remedies historical inaccuracies, stereotypical representations, and the absence of Native American images and voices in mass media and the national consciousness.  I believe that there is an open space that is yet to be filled – that space is authentic images and stories from within Native America.  My work aims to humanize, the otherwise “vanishing race”, and share the stories that our people would like told.  In this respectful way I have been welcomed into hundreds of tribal communities, and I have found that people welcome Project 562, because they are ready to see things change.  Conversations about tribal sovereignty, self-determination, wellness, recovery from historical trauma, and revitalization of culture will accompany the photos in captions, video, and audio recordings”.

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