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Corporate and Professional Development Center is the arm of the College of Engineering Technology that connects the resources of Ferris State University to advance programs and personnel through applied research, education, and training.  Since 1984, the Center has realized the vision of Woodbridge Ferris to serve society through the practical application of knowledge.
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Developing a competitive workforce. Corporate and Professional Development (CPD) leverages the experience, knowledge, and resources of Ferris State University to offer customized workforce development solutions.  As part of the College of Engineering Technology, CPD provides access to experienced faculty, student interns, professional networks, equipment, and facilities. 

Training available in many technologies.  Expertise available through CPD spans an impressive range of technologies.  Whether your training needs are in manufacturing, design and engineering, building sciences, plastics, welding, materials, architecture, networking, or software the CPD has access to skills and resources that can elevate your workforce (see: )

Customized training and flexible delivery options.  Ferris State is well known for blending knowledge with real world application.  This is reflected in the solution focused training that CPD brings to its clients.  CPD's university wide access also enables us to provide services in many other fields such as business or healthcare.  Training can be adapted to an employer's needs and can be provided on-site, on-campus, and often online.  In addition to customized training, CPD provides, consulting, and assistance in applying technology to your needs. 

Custom testing, assessment, and certifications.  CPD can develop written and hands on skills based assessment to determine skill and knowledge gaps, qualify readiness, measure improvement, or plan training strategies.  Complete Turbo DACUM processes are also available to organize curriculum and develop efficient training strategies.  All courses request student feedback for quality and improvement purposes.

Employee recognition for achievements.  CPD will provide Ferris State University certificates of completion and can also award CEU's.  When training closely aligns with Ferris State courses, it may also be possible to establish University credits. 


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