First Climbs:

No experience necessary. Stop by and ask questions and try climbing for free. Climbing wall waiver is required.

Climbing Wall Rules

  1. No jewelry on hands or arms.
  2. No chalk.
  3. Follow your line to the top.
  4. Maximum capacity 14.
  5. Climbers must wear helmets.
  6. Only certified UIAA approved harnesses are allowed, no other outside equipment.
  7. No barefoot climbing.
  8. Must wear sneakers or rock climbing shoes.
  9. Full shirts are mandatory.
  10. No gum.
  11. Please report any unsafe conditions (loose holds, worn ropes and equipment), accidents or injuries to the gym staff.
  12. No loud or offensive behavior.
  13. Disciplinary action is up to the discretion of the climbing wall supervisor and may result in loss of climbing privileges.