Student Leadership Program to Benefit Campus Leaders

Student LeadershipFerris State University will host an educational program on Tuesday, Feb. 21 from 11 to 11:50 a.m. in Room 304 of FLITE. This event was developed to empower student leaders who are interested in leveraging their positions to make a difference on campus.

“Leveraging Your Leadership on Campus” will feature a 30-minute DVD as part of a program led by Leadership Development Trainee Nick Maus, a campus student leader. After the video, a series of discussion questions will be provided.

Organizers want attendees to gain insight for:

  • Influencing campus
  • Partnering with opinion leaders
  • Understanding what motivates people
  • Maintaining a focus on results
  • Positive uses of peer pressure
  • Staying true to your mission, values and goals
  • The importance of giving without expectation

“I hope students learn how to motivate others to achieve a common goal while staying true to their personal ethics, morals and values,” said Allissa Witucki, interim director of Student Leadership and Activities.