• A student has until August 31 of the academic year in which he or she graduates high school to apply for TIP. Call the State of Michigan at (888) 447-2687 for more information on the TIP application process.

  • Students must begin using TIP by enrolling in a college or university within four years of high school graduation.

  • Eligibility for using the TIP funds ends within ten years of high school graduation or GED completion.

  • Phase I of TIP covers the cost of tuition, 12 credits per semester, for a total of 24 credits per year.

  • Phase I pays for 80 credits.

  • In Phase I a student must enroll in an Associate degree program.

  • Ferris State University offers Associate degree programs and certificate programs that can lead to Bachelor degree programs.

  • Students must meet the institution’s Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policy to remain eligible for funding.