Mission, Goals & Objectives

undefinedMission Statement

The Michigan College of Optometry prepares doctoral and post-doctoral students for successful careers as optometric health care leaders serving patients and society with integrity and professionalism. The program serves the health care needs of the public through its research, scholarly activity, evidence based clinical education and patient-centered care.

Goals and Objectives:

Maintaining and continuously developing a relevant curriculum

  • Assuring that the skills and attributes desired of students graduating from MCO are included in the curriculum.
  • Conducting ongoing track meetings to identify areas of needed improvement
  • Determining what is relevant in current optometric practice
  • Enhancing the integration of clinical components in the curriculum
  • Enhancing existing residencies and investigate the needs for additional residency or graduate programs
  • Attaining and maintaining ACOE accreditation standards 6 and 9 pertaining to curriculum and residency education

Recruiting, admitting and retaining highly qualified and diverse students

  • Continuing aggressive student recruitment efforts, including establishing a student recruitment officer.
  • Increasing the number and availability of scholarships for students
  • Continuing the development of the MCO website
  • Developing strategies to attract out-of-state, international, and under-represented minority students
  • Promoting the use of student counseling services
  • Enhancing tutoring programs
  • Enhancing mentorship programs
  • Attaining and maintaining ACOE accreditation standard 5 pertaining to students.

Recruiting and retaining a highly qualified and diverse faculty

  • Enhancing the promotion of the College’s positive image, reputation, state-of-the-art facilities, and educational opportunities
  • Developing faculty by encouraging service and innovation in academic and clinical education and scholarly activity
  • Attaining and maintaining ACOE accreditation standard 4 pertaining to faculty.

Providing high quality patient care and clinical education in all clinical facilities and locations

  • Continuing to evaluate and incorporate appropriate technology in the clinic
  • Continuing to evaluate the quality of patient care in all clinics.
  • Enhancing the University Eye Center’s status as a referral center and a provider for managed care plans
  • Identifying underserved regions or populations and developing plans for community-based services for those groups
  • Participating in screening and public education programs that contribute to overall public health
  • Exploring the development of additional Grand Rapids clinics to expand patient care opportunities
  • Enhancing interdisciplinary and inter-professional collaboration
  • Attaining and maintaining ACOE accreditation standard 3 and 7 pertaining to facilities, resources, patient management and patient care policies.

Providing a facility and work environment that facilitates fulfillment of the mission

  • Continuing efforts to secure additional funding for the new building and its furnishings
  • Maintaining equipment as funding becomes available to provide a state-of-the-art clinical and patient care education environment
  • Identifying future facility needs on and off campus
  • Attaining and maintaining ACOE accreditation standard 7 pertaining to facilities, equipment and resources.
  • Enhancing positive relationships with alumni and other friends
  • Continuing to foster and develop the MCO Alumni Association
  • Hiring a development and continuing education officer
  • Providing continuing professional education
  • Developing relationships with industry, other educational institutions and government.