Pre-Nursing Progression Policy

Policy: Any student who has one (1) unsuccessful attempt in any one (1) of the following courses that are taken to qualify for program entry, or its equivalent can no longer continue as a pre-nursing student at Ferris State University:


BIOL   108             Medical Microbiology

BIOL   205             Human Anatomy & Physiology

CHEM 114             Introduction to General Chemistry

MATH 115 or 117   Intermediate Algebra

A student may have one unsuccessful attempt at one (1) of the above courses. Unsuccessful attempt is defined as enrolling in and completing a course with less than a grade of B-.  A grade of “I” (incomplete) grade that is not converted to a B- grade or higher by the end of the next semester is considered an unsuccessful attempt.  A grade of “W” (withdrawal) also counts as an unsuccessful attempt.

This same policy applies to transfer students taking equivalent courses at their home schools.


Performance in science courses is directly related to performance in nursing courses. Students who are unsuccessful more than twice in the science courses have historically been unsuccessful in nursing courses.





Revised 04/04/13