Career Exploration (CARE)

Why Enroll in the CARE Program?

You might be coming to college with a major in mind, but you'd like to be sure of your choice. You might have several options for majors and need assistance in sorting them out. You might enter college knowing you want an education, but have no clear career focus. Ferris State University offers you the opportunity to explore careers at any stage of the career decision-making process.

The Career Exploration Course

The Career Exploration Course is a three-credit hour class that guides you through the career decision-making process. CARE 102 offers you opportunities for self-evaluation, career and educational planning, and the development of decision-making skills. CARE faculty members help you explore career development as a lifelong process through the use of self-assessment inventories, group discussion, individual projects, assessments and after assessments.

The Academic Advisor

The Academic Advisor for all CARE students is the instructor of the Ferris State University Seminar courses - FSUS 100 and 101. This advisor, selected from the many faculty and professional staff who specialize in helping to guide students who have not yet selected a program, can help you define and develop realistic goals, identify special needs, match you with available resources, monitor progress toward educational and career goals, and discuss linkages between academic preparation and the world of work.

The Best of Both Worlds

In addition to identifying potential major programs or career fields, you may complete your class schedule by enrolling in courses that meet the University graduation requirements of Communication Competence, Scientific Understanding, Quantitative Skills, Cultural Enrichment, and Social Awareness. Every effort is made to help you select required courses that will support your subsequent work in the major field.

The Ferris Career Exploration Program is an ideal way to begin college and make progress toward a degree while looking at different career options.

For program curriculum information contact:

Dr. Christine Conley-Sowels
Professor/Department Chair
(231) 591-2828

For application, registration and orientation questions contact:

Shelly VandePanne
Director of Academic Student Success
(231) 591-2360