Work Study

What is Work Study?

Work study is a program that allows Ferris students to work on campus with their wages being funded by the federal government. The advantages are that there are often more jobs available because the student’s wages do not come out of the employing department’s budget but rather from government funds. Work study students provide a very cost efficient labor pool for their employers. Although wages earned through the work study program are reported on your tax return, the earnings are not used to calculate your expected Family Contribution (EFC) when you file the FAFSA for the following year.

Students are eligible to apply for work study jobs if, and only if, they have been awarded work study as part of their financial aid package. Work study is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, to students with need as determined by the FAFSA and fund availability. To be considered for work study, students must be admitted to Ferris State University and file the FAFSA and any verification documents (if selected) as soon after October 1 as possible. The student must also indicate on their FAFSA that they would like to be considered for work study.

Work study funding is limited, so it is important to accept awards in a timely manner to avoid cancellation. Also, students who have accepted their work study awards must attempt to secure employment by mid-September. If no attempt is made to utilize the work study award, the funds will be cancelled and/or re-allocated.

If a student is not awarded work study, it is because they do not have sufficient need as determined by the FAFSA, the financial aid process was not completed until after work study funds were depleted; or because the student did not indicate that they would like to be considered for work study on the FAFSA.

Non Work Study

Many students who work on campus are funded by the department’s budget and not the work study program. Because many areas have a large number of student employees, they cannot rely only on work study students to fulfill their student worker needs. Many of our larger departments such as Dining Services and Residential Life hire many non work study students. Several of our smaller departments also have funding to hire non work study students.

Often times there are many students that do not accept their work study award, choose to work off campus, or not work at all. While we build this in to our awarding philosophy, we still have situations where we have additional work study funds to award. We typically do not find this out until after school starts in the fall. If we will have additional Work Study funding, we make a Work Study Request List available in the "Special Announcements" section of the FSU Student Employment home page. If/when we determine that we will have additional funds to award, we will refer to this electronic list. We will not consider any other requests, paper, email or otherwise.