How To Request IRS Tax Transcripts

If you have been selected for the Verification Process, you must provide federal tax data if worked filed taxes. Every student and or parent needs to select one of the three options below and follow the instructions carefully.

1) Worked and filed a Federal Tax Return:

Documentation Requirements:

A) You may provide either Tax Return Transcripts; OR

B) You may provide SIGNED copies of your federal 1040 tax returns. This option is a temporary regulatory change that is effective beginning April 24, 2017, and is in effect only until the IRS Data Retrieval Tool is restored. 

How to Request Tax Return Transcripts:
  • You may request a "Tax Return Transcript" at 
  • The IRS produces more than one type of transcript. Only Tax Return Transcripts are acceptable to complete the verification process.
  • You will have the option to request IRS documentation Online or by Mail. 
  • To obtain your IRS documentation online you will be required to provide identifying information including credit card information; or mortgage or auto loan account numbers. There is no charge for this service, but the IRS uses this type of information from your credit history to confirm your identity. The benefit of the online request is that if confirmed, you may print an immediate copy of your documentation .
  • If you request your documentation by mail, it is typically 5-10 days for receipt.

 2) Did Not Work, Did Not File a Federal Income Tax Return

Documentation Requirements: On the Verification Form for Dependent or Independent Students, indicate in the Tax Documentation Section "Did NOT work in 2015, was not required to and did not file a 2015 federal tax return". When the Financial Aid Office processes your verification form, we will satisfy the tax requirement.

If you do not fall into one of the categories above, please contact out office at 231 591-2110 for further instruction.