Late Registration

Students Registering During Late Registration Before Drop/Add Period:

Students who have their first registration activity during the late registration period (typically during the week preceding classes), will not have an E-bill statement placed online for them. Instead, they will need to look at their current activity in E-bill to view their charges and pending financial aid.  These students will need to make sure 50% of their current charges after financial aid are paid by the business day before classes begin to avoid having their classes dropped.  Then the student would be enrolled in the deferred payment plan and follow the remaining two portions of the payment plan terms.

Students Registering After Late Registration During Drop/Add Period:

Students who have no registration activity by the end of late registration, will also be charged the late registration fee of $100 when registration is completed. These students will also have a Business Operations hold placed on their account and will need to have sufficient financial aid and/or pay fifty percent of the current semester charges (after financial aid) to have the hold lifted prior to registration.

Students Registering For Additional Credits After Drop/Add Is Completed:

Students who wish to add additional credits via a four-part registration form approved by an instructor and/or Dean's Office need to have sufficient financial aid or pay 75% of the course charge to have the form processed and the credits added.

Students Registering After Drop/Add Is Completed:

If a student is not registered by the deadlines below for the semester, the Business Operations registration hold will not be lifted except in cases of a successful appeal to the Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs. Appeal forms can be picked up at the Student Service Center, CSS 101. (Appeals must be approved by the VP of Academic Affairs before the student goes to their Deans Office for late registration approval.) As a part of this appeal, students must have sufficient financial aid and/or pay 75% of the current semester charges (after financial aid) and the additional late registration fee of $100. Past due balances must be paid in full.


Semester Deadline
Spring 2015 January 9, 2015
Summer 2015 May 18, 2015