Student Financial Services
Frequently Asked Questions

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How will I receive a student bill?

What are my payment options for the student bill?

Is there any incentive to paying my student bill in full?

Can I carry a balance on my student bill over to the next semester?

How do I pay a past due bill and get it credited quickly?

Why is a refund shown as a charge on my bill?

How can I pay my bill?

Will I be charged a late fee if my account is not paid in full?

Are there any charges/fees that are optional or that I could get reimbursed?

How can I estimate the expenses I will incur for the upcoming academic year?

Services Offered

Will Student Financial Services cash a check?

What if I need cash fast but have no access to get it?

Are on-campus banking facilities available?

How can I change my meal plan?


How do I log into the E-bill site?

How will I be notified of an E-bill?

How can I set up an authorized user on my student E-bill account?

I don't want to pay the full amount. Can I change this?

Can I save a payment method to use at a later date?

I would like to pay my enrollment or orientation fee/deposit, but it is giving me the wrong term. What do I do?

Why is FSU charging a service fee for the use of my credit card?