Direct Bookstore Charges

Students who have registered for semester courses and DO NOT HAVE A PREVIOUS BALANCE OWED to Barnes & Noble may charge up to $500.00 in books and necessary supplies to their student account during the appropriate dates. Any bookstore charge balance must be paid by the end of the semester to charge again the next semester.

Students MUST HAVE THEIR STUDENT BULLDOG ID in order to use this privilege. They can select their books and supplies and take them to the cash register/terminal at the front of the bookstore to charge to their student account. Following are the scheduled dates that the Direct Pay Charge is available:

Semester Direct Pay Charge Dates
Summer 2017 May 8 - 19
Fall 2017 August 21 - September 1

For current Bookstore hours, visit the James L. Lundberg Bookstore website. To find information about the required materials for your courses visit the James L. Lundberg Textbook website.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Direct Pay Charges, please contact Kristy Heeter, the Director of Student Financial Services, at (231) 591-5243 or Email: for further information.

Third Party Bookstore Charges

Students who have a third party paying for their semester books may charge at the bookstore with their STUDENT BULLDOG ID during the appropriate dates.

Semester Third Party Charge Dates
Summer 2017 May 8 - May 26
Fall 2017 August 21 - September 8

Please indicate to the bookstore cashier that you are a third party student to insure your books are properly charged. If this is not completed properly, tax and other charges may become the student's responsibility. Any questions or concerns related to Third Party Charges, please contact Student Financial Services at (231) 591-3969.